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The Next Generation of Enzyme Technology
Infinite Enzymes’ plant genetic technology enables the production of enzymes in the embryo (germ) of the corn kernel. Using transgenic corn as a “plant factory” for producing enzymes, we are can deliver high-quality, cost-competitive enzymes on a commercial scale. Enzymes grown in corn kernels are single activity and studies have shown that these enzymes are often considerably more effective compared to enzymes produced through microbial/fungal fermentation processes, whose products often have several other proteins present and active.

  • High Quality 

  • Cost Competitive

  • Commercial Scale 

Unlocking the potential of Manganese Peroxidase (MnP)
Manganese peroxidase (MnP) has shown very real potential as a highly effective enzyme in a broad range of industrial applications. Its limiting factor has been that it’s highly expensive to produce through traditional microbial/fungal fermentation processes. This has resulted in MnP being thought of as a highly specialized enzyme. This next generation technology resolves this issue.

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Infinite Enzymes is at the forefront of plant-based enzyme and production research.



Data evaluating our maize produced cellulases rivals fermentative competitive enzymes.



Using transgenic corn as a “plant factory” for producing cellulase enzymes, we deliver high-quality, cost-competitive enzymes at scale.



The benefits of a successful cellulosic biofuels industry are tremendous for American national security and economic development.

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Infinite Enzymes employs plant biotechnology for producing useful, sustainable enzymes for industrial applications based around the concept of corn grain as a bio-factory.

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